Lizzie:                                               Jenn Halweil
Margo:                                             Jane Dashow
Brody:                                             Antonio E. Silva
Brody's Boyfriend:                        Andrew Price

Written, Directed and Produced by Denise Papas Meechan

Director of Photography:            Steven Gray
Editor/Colorist:                              Ulysses Adams
First Assistant Director:               Alexia Oldini
First Assistant Camera:                James Lamberg
Chief Lighting Technician:           Brendan Poutier
Location Sound Engineer:           Rob Bullis
Script Supervisor:                         Kendall Edwards
Production Assistant:                   Jessica McHugh
Key Make-Up Artist:                      Meredith Stracar
Motion Graphics Artist:                Adrienne Shneyder, Joel Espana
Music Composed by:                    Keith Oqueli
Sound Designer:                            Luis Inestroza
Title Designer:                                Suz HÖrner @ HÖrner Graphics
Additional Video Edited by:         Thomas Carlin

Special Thanks:

Moto Films, LLC, Jennifer Cox
 Oslo Coffee Roasters, JD Merget
 S.R. Auto Service, Brooklyn
Peter Meechan